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energy auditOur goal at is to provide effective consultation and energy advice for commercial and residential properties for both new and existing customers. We provide professional independent advice for our clients on a various range of solutions including advice on renewable technologies. At, all our assessors are fully qualified SEAI registered energy assessors with many years experience.


Here at we are not simply interested in energy ratings  or indeed energy tests, we are here to provide the highest levels of service at ensuring your building complies in all the necessary areas of building energy compliance.

We provide BER certs and help with Part L compliance.


 Sound Tests

sound test Under revised sound regulations which came into force in July 2015, sound testing is now mandatory on attached dwellings.

We don't only do BER certs, a large part of our business revolves around helping the construction related services sector and stakeholders with Part E Compliance, this involves sound testing and sound tests, and we can provide sound certification and sound compliance certification

A sound test can be carried out by a SITRI Registered Tester. The team are SITRI Registered Testers. We can provide expert advice to both builders and homeowners on how to reduce and eliminate sound leakage. So call now to arrange a consultation and avail of our proficient sound testing service.

 Air Tests

air testUnder revised building regulations which came into force in Dec 2011, air tightness testing is mandatory for all new dwellings.

The aim of the testing is to reduce energy losses from the dwelling in the form of air leakage. An initial air tightness test as soon as the airtight layer is fully installed allows builders to locate possible air leakage points.  Air tightness tests help comply with Part L compliance.

These tests are sometimes called Blow Door tests ( although we do consider this somewhat dramatic) or Blower door testing.

Air tests are critical in identifying the air pressure rate and so are imperative in Air compliance to the regulations.

With guidance and direction from the air tightness tester, these areas of unwanted leakage can be reduced or eliminated completely. A final test is then carried out once the dwelling is fully complete. As a result, building owners and occupiers should experience substantial savings in heating costs.

An air tight test must be carried out by an NSAI Registered Tester. The team are all NSAI Registered Testers. We can provide expert advice to both builders and homeowners on how to reduce and eliminate unwanted air leakage. So call now to arrange a consultation and avail of our proficient air tightness testing service.


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We are the first in Ireland to be registered for sound testing under the SITRI scheme.






Our Services Include:

    • Commercial & Domestic BER Certificates
    • New Build Part L Compliance
    • Assigned Certifier Role
    • Air Tightness Testing
    • Sound Testing
    • Land Registry Mapping
    • Energy Auditing
    • Thermal Imaging Report
    • Display Energy Certificates





We have worked on a wide variety of projects from small scale Self-Build Dwellings to Large Scale Housing Developments, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare & Office Projects,




We have built a strong reputation that has attracted a large number of well know estate agents throughout Ireland and also some of the largest Building Developers in the Leinster Area...

“In the ever competitive Market of the Hotel Industry, smart purchasing has become one of the front line tools in developing and sustaining a competitive advantage. We have been able to make savings of 28% in two main areas, heating & electricity. I would recommend to any company interested in achieving energy savings and increased cash flow”

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